How to engage individuals with multiple needs from BME communities

Experts from the NECG were surprised to find out how few individuals from BME backgrounds were engaging with services on the Fulfilling Lives: Supporting people with Multiple Needs programme. Consequently, they undertook research to understand why BME communities weren’t engaging with services and what the programme was doing to engage the communities.As part of this research, the group presented the barriers to engagement at the last NECG quarterly meeting in February 2017, the video below highlights some of their presentation.


The full report on the peer research findings can be found here: PR_BME Findings Paper_Final_April17

Following their presentation and the publication of the report two members of the group, Sandra Morgan, from Opportunity Nottingham and Nadia Bennett, from Inspiring Change Manchester worked with the NECG facilitator to provide a workshop at the 2nd National Summit on Tackling Multiple Disadvantage in May 2017. The workshop was divided into two sections. In the first section Sandra and Nadia provided their views and experiences on why BME groups do not engage with services. They then outlined a number of ways in which they believed services could do to better engage with this demographic. In the second part of the workshop, delegates were tasked with identifying how they might be able to employ a service access pathway between community-based assets and services.

Look out for our future post by Nadia and Sandra on their experience of this strand of the work – they will be guest blogging for CLINKS!