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Why women with multiple needs don’t engage with services

Colette Cronshaw is one of the founding members of Women’s Voices in Inspiring Change Manchester. Women’s Voices is a group of dynamic women with lived experience who want to speak out about their experiences and work to change women’s lives for the better. They come together to get stuff done in a way that supports and respect each other. They’ve had different experiences, come from different backgrounds and are at different stages of their journey but want other women to join them, supportRead More …

My Year as NECG Lead for Expert Citizens, Stoke

Theresa Tainton

From January 2016 to February 2017 I was the lead for Stoke for the National Expert Citizens Group. I attended five conferences in this period with different members of the Stoke group joining me. I’ve had a brilliant time seeing the different areas and made some good friends in the process. Being involved with the national experts I’ve had some fantastic opportunities the highlight of which was when I spoke at the CFE Evaluation conference about stigma and received aRead More …

Developing actions together: reflections on a National Expert Citizens’ Group Workshop

National Expert Citizens Group UK

On Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November 2016 CFE facilitated a two day workshop for the National Expert Citizens’ Group (NECG). The NECG is a group of individuals with lived experience of multiple needs; the group is formed by representatives from each of the 12 funded Fulfilling Lives project areas. The Monday was a training and planning day for the experts by experience. The day focused on training delegates to chair meetings/events and facilitate workshops at events. It was anRead More …