Addressing key crime trends and improving police performance

On the 19th October two members of the NECG, accompanied by the group facilitator, attended the Policy Forum for London’s event on Crime and Policing in London – next steps for crime prevention, addressing key crime trends and improving police performance. The event had a number of high profile speakers presenting on a cross-section of crime and policing subjects, however those most relevant to the NECG were those outlining the policy and strategy background:

  • Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Greater London Authority & Craig Mackey, Deputy Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service- London’s Police and Crime Plan: opportunities to improve policing and crime prevention

And those who discussed London’s crime priorities (which align with multiple needs) – community engagement, prevention and tackling high-harm crime:

  • Rachel Krys, Co-Director, End Violence Against Women Coalition
  • Councillor David Michael, Member, Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee 2016-2017, London Borough of Lewisham
  • Sheldon Thomas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gangsline.

The event provided the NECG members with an opportunity to hear from individuals who influence and direct strategy and policy in areas that impact individuals with multiple needs. It was particularly heartening to know that one of the five core priorities for London’s policing will be addressing domestic abuse and violence as Rachel Krys stated the extent to which this is a growing crime trend in the capital:

Violence against women and girls generally, and in particular domestic violence and sexual violence, are two of the crime types that are increasing at the moment. So whether that”s reporting or actual incidents increasing it’s not totally clear, although we’ve seen nearly a 10% increase on domestic violence, almost three-quarters of that is domestic violence against women. And we’re seeing a much slower rate of increase of any of those crimes going through to charge and definitely even fewer going to conviction….Rape offences are the most concerning numbers, so we’re seeing about a 16% increase in reports of rape in London in the last year.

Below are the views of one of the attendees to the event.

Lisa Corless, Liverpool Waves of Hope

First, thank you for inviting me to attend the Policy Forum for London I found it very interesting and it was good to see so many people from different backgrounds come together and give their side on such important matters.

I think it would be very interesting to attend one in my local area, I thought that Sheldon Thomas was very interesting on the mindset of young girls in Gang scenes and he did leave me with a lot to think about on that and Gangs.

I enjoyed what Craig Mackey, Deputy Commissioner had to say about the vest cam as it does sound like one of the best ideas for a long time for Police and civilians.

Also Lord Harris on the response time for Westminster bridge attack 80 seconds and the Stabbing from call to catcher 7 minutes, what a Job to work on Prevention and Reducing Risk, credit to him.

It was all very interesting, but as always its a massive shame that everything comes down to money and cuts I was a little shocked when I heard that when the cuts come in they will be just over 600 Police officers on the ground in London now I’m not much on numbers and size but even I can say WOW that’s…. Shocking.

Thank you for the experience.